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Carry out open heart surgery without studying medicine


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A Game Jam is an event that brings together designers and programmers and asks them to make a game from scratch in a limited time. Surgeon Operator was made in 48 hours during the last Global Game Jam in London.

Inspired by the popular board game Operation, Operator Surgeon turns you into an amateur surgeon who must perform an open-heart surgery. To do so, you have at your disposal all the tools commonly found in an operating room.

The difficulty lies in its deliberately complicated game mechanics, which assigns a key to each finger, you can also move and rotate them with the mouse. This turns something as simple as grabbing a scalpel into quite an ordeal.

However, this difficulty is offset by the chance to do some real damage to the patient. This gives some chillingly raw results but also some great dark humour.

If the thought of puncturing a lung between the ribs or having to hammer down on an open bleeding heart doesn't freak you out too much, download Surgeon Simulator now and enjoy the carnage.